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Maintenance-free sliding plates for welding

Maintenance-free sliding plate for welding

Technical details Maintenance-free sliding plate for welding

  • maintenance-free

One sliding plate rarely comes on its own – order them at GLT!

If longitudinal motions are involved for sliding bearings, not just rotation and lifting, the use of more than one single sliding plate is required. We provide you with maintenance-free units in any quantity, which are mainly intended as simple bearings to weld on. The sliding plates can be ordered round or rectangular and are made from St37 steel as a carrier material with a PTFE coating on one side as a sliding surface.

The sliding plates from GLT have a high resistance to load. Depending on the type, they can support between 500 and 3000 Kilonewton. Further technical characteristics worth mentioning:

  • static load: max. 250 Newton per square millimetre
  • coefficient of friction: between 0.05 and 1.0 µ on a stainless steel slide sheet
  • temperature range: usable between -70°C and 250°C.

The slide path is determined by the size of the equipment-side head plate with a stainless steel slide sheet to be welded on. This should have a thickness of at least 2 millimetres and a roughness depth of 4 Rz and is supplied according to your wishes by GLT.

Special designs are also standard for our sliding plates!

The thickness of our sliding plates is always 10 millimetres. Otherwise, the six standard sizes on offer for our rectangular sliding plates range between 100 and 300 millimetres in length and 100 and 200 millimetres in width. Outside of our standard range, LHG also supplies you with sliding plates to meet your needs in a range of shapes, sizes, thicknesses and load values. Execution in special materials is possible easily, for example, for use in food and medical technology or for chemical plants.

In the standard version the GLT sliding plate is welded to the substructure, whereby the PTFE coated side must face up. The plastic sliding surface must be covered during the welding process. You should also refrain from making a long weld seam to prevent the sliding coating at the edge from being damaged by overheating – tack welds of a maximum of eight millimetres suffice.

If they are fitted in this manner, the GLT sliding plates meet all challenges entirely maintenance-free. In special cases we can also provide them to you in a screw-on design. In summary: We always consider individual requests. Let us know what you want – we will aways aim to provide it as optimally as possible!


  • These sliding plates are intended for use as simple supports.
  • The PTFE - coated steel plates offer by the high load capacity, depending on the type, a maximum capacity of up to 3.000kN and versatile applications.


  • For more information about the GLT maintenance-free sliding plates for welding, please download the PDF document with product description.
  • Support material Standard material: Steel St37
  • Sliding layer PTFE-Layer on one side

Material properties

  • Specific load capacity static 250 [N/mm²]
  • Friction value ** 0,05 [µ] to 1,0 [µ]
  • Temperature strain -70 [°C] to +250 [°C]
  • For bearings for high temperature applications up to +500 [° C]

Shaft material

  • Counterface stainless steel sheet (2.0 mm)

Mounting advise

  • For welding, available as a special version for screwing on


  • Not necessary. The GLT slideing plates are maintenance-free.

Range of application

  • Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
  • Please note that we do not have any general building approval or CE marking for the slide support plates and slide support bearings!