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Medical technology

Precise maintenance-free plain bearings for sensitive applications


The health and lives of patients do not allow any compromises. Medical technology must always function without restriction in order not to endanger the life and health of patients.

Not only manufacturers of medical technology products must be aware of this responsibility, but also their suppliers. GLT Bearings has been facing this responsibility for years and has proven to be a reliable partner.

Smooth operation and reliability are of great importance in medical technology. With our maintenance-free bearings, we offer the quality and durability which is essential for a high-quality product of this type.

We know that the development of medical technology requires a great deal of effort. Therefore, it is all the more important that the investment in a product pays off over a long period. Our plain bearings for medical technology are designed for high precision and long service life. We offer our customers a wide range of standard plain bearings as well as the possibility of individual development and production of bearings for specific applications. We deliver reliably from prototype to series production.