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Solid turned bronze sliding bearing

Technical details BRO-MAS®

  • DIN 1850 / ISO 4379
  • Heavy maintenance
  • No stock
  • All special designs are available at short notice!

Made to measure for every need: the BRO-MAS® bronze sliding bearing

We do not have the BRO-MAS® bronze sliding bearing in stock – we make each one individually for your dimensions and your individual needs. This guarantees that our sliding bearing meets the highest requirements and remains in service as long as possible. Despite the production on request, you do not have to wait long for your order: We deliver the BRO-MAS® bronze sliding bearing at short notice, regardless of which special size you have requested.

We normally make our lathed BRO-MAS® bronze sliding bearings from the standard material CuSn12, which is composed of 85 to 88.5 percent copper and 11 to 13 percent tin and up to 2 percent nickel. Other materials are also available in this product group on request, for example, when the sliding bearing is used in temperature ranges that exceed the recommended 150°C. CuSn12 is very resistant to wear and tough, with good resistance to corrosion, especially from sea water. Our bronze sliding bearing also has the following properties:

  • specific loadcapacity static ≤ 150 Newtons/mm2
  •  specific load capacity dynamic ≤ 60 Newtons/mm2
  • sliding speed <10 m/s, depending on lubrication and load
  • temperature load -40ºC to +150ºC.

You specify the tolerances for your bronze sliding bearing

As already noted above, as the customer you specify which individual tolerances the specified bronze sliding bearing should meet according to your needs. This applies to the diameter of the housing bore, the tolerance of the bushing after installation, as well as the shaft tolerance. However, there is hardly any choice of shaft material. It should be hardened steel with a roughness depth of less than 6.3 Rz. For the BRO-MAS® bronze sliding bearing, regular maintenance is critical, which in the first instance involves careful lubrication with oil or grease. If you use additional lubrication grooves or lubrication holes, the lubricants are better distributed and you can greatly reduce the number of maintenance intervals required. If you follow these recommendations, your individually manufactured bronze sliding bearing will provide you with a long service life, regardless of whether it is used in construction and agricultural machinery or in vehicle, equipment and machinery construction.


  • Standard material CuSn12* / ASTM C90800 (other alloys available on request)

Material properties

  • Specific load capacity static ≤ 150 [N/mm2]
  • Specific load capacity dynamic ≤ 60 [N/mm2]
  • Sliding speed < 10 [m/s] depends on lubrication and strain
  • Temperature strain -40 [°C] to +150 [°C]

Tolerance details

  • Housing Ø According to customer’s specification
  • Bushing inner-Ø after mounting According to customer’s specification
  • Shaft tolerance According to customer’s specification

Shaft material

  • Hardened steel, surface roughness < Rz 6,3

Mounting advise

  • Housing – Ø: Mounting bevel, min. 1,5 mm x 15-45°
  • Shaft: Mounting bevel, 5 mm x 15°, edges rounded
  • Force fitting mandrel: The application of an adequate force fitting mandrel is advisable. Grease lubrication of the outer surface may be necessary when mounting.


  • Oil or grease lubrication is necessary. Because of lubrication grooves or lubrication holes, lubrication intervals can be reduced to a minimum and lubricant allocation can be improved.

Range of application

  • Machine and apparate construction, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding, construction equipment, crane construction, vehicle manufacturing


* On request further materials are available for higher demands, e.g. for higher temperature ranges.

** The above stated material properties are valid for optimal operating conditions. Through changes of the application conditions e.g. higher sliding speed or strain, these values are subject to change.