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Wrapped spring steel bushing

Technical details FER-MET®

  • Wrapped tension bushing
  • Spring steel
  • DIN 1498 / DIN 1499
  • Heavy maintenance
  • FER-MET® is only available as cylindrical bushing
  • Available as inner and outer tension bushing
  • Additional lubrication holes or grooves are available on request

Simple components with a great effect: Inner tension bushings

With FER-MET®, LHG offers you a wrapped spring steel sliding bearing that is only available in the comparatively simple form of a cylinder liner. But when it is used in the right place, these outer or inner tension bushings have a great effect: As they are highly resistant to load and wear, they are excellently suited to high-demand locations with impact load and keep the entire system operating for a long time, as long as they receive constant and intensive maintenance.

We normally manufacture FER-MET® inner tension bushings from 55Si7, a vibration resistant spring steel with a silicon component of around two percent and a hardness of around 48 HRC. Alternatively, other materials such as the spring steel C67 are also used. They all display a high level of elasticity. We deliver our inner tension bushings either with a chamfer (form F) or without a chamfer (form E) on the inner diameter. You have other options with regard to the shape of the slot. We distinguish them as follows…

  • Type G with a straight slot
  • Type P with an arrow-shaped slot
  • Type S with a diagonal slot
  • and Type W with a wave-shaped slot.

The housing bore has a H8 diameter, but you can determine the shaft tolerance yourself to suit your individual needs. We always recommend hardened steel for the shaft material, which should always be at least 8-10 HRC harder than the material of the inner tension bushings – for example C45 steel.

For inner tension bushings: do not forget the maintenance!

When installing our FER-MET® inner tension bushings you must use the correct housing mandrel. It is also necessary to grease the outer surfaces of the components during installation. To guarantee the longest possible service without faults or wear, regular lubrication should take place later. If you have questions about the use, installation and maintenance of the FER-MET® inner tension bushings from the LHG product line, call us or use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Extremely high load capacity, very wear-resistant, also suitable for heavy operational demands with impact load.


  • Spring steel 55Si7, C67 or similar
  • Support material Spring steel
  • Hardness 48 ± 2 [HRC]

Material properties

  • • Form E – Without bevel at inner diameter • Form F – With bevel at inner diameter
  • • Typ G – Straight slot • Typ P – Arrowheaded slot • Typ S – Slant slot • Typ W – Wavelike slot

Tolerance details

  • Housing Ø H8
  • Bushing inner-Ø after mounting According to DIN 1498 / DIN 1499
  • Shaft tolerance Specified by customer

Shaft materials

  • Hardened steel, C45 is recommended, 8-10 HRC harder than the bushing material

Mounting a

  • Housing: Mounting bevel min. 1.5mm x 15-45°
  • Shaft: Mounting bevel 5 mm x 15°, edges rounded
  • The application of an adequate force fitting mandrel is advisable. Grease lubrication of the outer surface may be necessary when mounting.


  • Sufficient lubrication is necessary


* The above stated material properties are valid for optimal operating conditions. Through changes of the application conditions, eg. higher sliding speed or strain, these values are subject to change.

** Special dimensions on request.