Sliding support bearings

Ready-to-install and maintenance-free sliding support bearing, floating bearing and fixed point

In pipelines, flue gas ducts, steam boilers, heat exchangers, gas filters, etc., thermodynamic expansion movements can occur due to temperature changes, which can usually cause a considerable “accumulation of forces” in a simple steel/steel support.
Due to a primarily jerky “discharge” of these accumulated forces caused by too high friction values of these sliding partners can lead to considerable impairments of the load-bearing construction and the fixed points. In severe cases, this even leads to deformations of the components, up to material cracks.
For a simple, cost-effective and operationally reliable design solution, the use of ready-to-install sliding support and fixed-point bearings is recommended here.
When used with PTFE-coated sliding plates, the sliding support bearings’ excellent sliding and load-bearing properties effectively counteract the problems mentioned earlier. As the sliding support bearings also prevent the “stick-slip” effect, the respective design can be less complex and, therefore, more cost-effective!